richmond womens conference

Four Core Components

We believe that by centering conversations around these core topics, you can create an intentional life and career. 


The foundation of a great life is health and wellbeing. If we do not prioritize care for ourselves, the other components honestly don't matter.


It makes the world go ‘round, and by acting like it doesn’t exist we are not doing ourselves any favors. We want women to engage with and feel confident about their finances. Getting rich is not always the goal, but understanding the role that finance plays in our life and business is essential to doing the work we were meant to do in this world.


No one can do it alone. In an ever evolving global community that is connected through technology, our interpersonal sense of community can often feel disconnected or weakened as our population becomes more transplanted and spends more time in the digital space. Community can come in a number of forms - family, loved ones, organized religious or nonreligious groups, colleagues and peers - and it is important to nurture those real life connections as a pillar in the foundation of lifestyle design.


Creativity and expression is an essential component for living a beautiful life - even for those who think they don't have a creative bone in their body or that they are in a non-creative field. We believe that creativity can be imparted in every aspect of the work that we do, regardless of professional field or career path, and, in an age when productivity and output seems to be of greater value, we must protect and champion our creative endeavors.


Letter from the founders:

When women work together, amazing things happen.

We met through our work with Thrive, a mentor program through the Small Business Development Center of our local chamber of commerce, Chamber RVA. We ourselves are small business owners and we wanted a way to give back to aspiring entrepreneurs by meeting them where they are. What we discovered is that there are resources for people starting businesses both locally and online, but not many focused on the founders themselves. We know that the new generation of entrepreneurs is looking for more than meaningful work. They are looking for a meaningful life!! This is why we collected a group of incredible entrepreneurial women to put on a weekend-long event with the goal of sharing ideas on how to design a lifestyle first and a business second.  We are excited to share voices of respected and successful businesswomen in our community on our core components, Wellness, Money, Community, and Creativity. These themes speak to what is missing in the messaging that we have heard for too long, “in order to be successful you have to work harder.” That simply no longer resonates with us. We know there is a better way.