Why Rebelle Con?

Rebelle Con was founded by a pair of women entrepreneurs who were sick of the “go hard or go home” messaging that was causing so many of our peers to burn out, get discouraged, or confirm their feeling that they are not enough. We wanted to bring voices to the stage from women who are doing it differently, workshops that teach new ways approaching our challenges, and mentors who are walking their talk, learning and growing right alongside us.

We believe that each and every women has the power to define, design, and create her own version of success.

We have the power to Rebelle!

Shannon siriano greenwood

Shannon siriano greenwood

Letter from our founder

Lifestyle Design is something that I have been truly passionate about since my battle with postpartum depression. Before my depression, I was a work work work, hustle hustle hustle, bring on all the projects all the time, no need for downtime or rest or delegation. I was working a full time job, running a “successful” business on the side, and completely ignoring my friends, my family, and most importantly myself. I thought working REALLY hard all the time was how one became successful.

It was not until I LITERALLY couldn’t do it anymore (my brain and my body was shutting it down) that I started searching for another way. I found people who were doing things differently, making their own schedules, doing work that they love, building businesses around their own unique skill sets, educating people about things they are passionate about, connecting, collaborating, protecting their time, and prioritizing their own development, health and happiness. They were basically aliens from another planet as far as I was concerned.

For me, lifestyle design is about putting our personal needs and desires first. Once we define what it is like to truly live a fulfilled life (on our own terms), then we can take a look at how our work can support this endeavor.

What I hope you walk away with after attending one of our events are new ideas on how you can put yourself first. I want you to have real goals (from inside, not from outside) for how you want to live, work, create, and feel in this one precious life. I want you to forget about anyone else’s definition of success. I want you to Rebelle.



Four Core Components

We believe that by centering conversations around these core topics, you can create an intentional life and career. 


The foundation of a great life is health and wellbeing. If we do not prioritize care for ourselves, the other components honestly don't matter.


It makes the world go ‘round, and by acting like it doesn’t exist we are not doing ourselves any favors. We want women to engage with and feel confident about their finances. Getting rich is not always the goal, but understanding the role that finance plays in our life and business is essential to doing the work we were meant to do in this world.


No one can do it alone. In an ever evolving global community that is connected through technology, our interpersonal sense of community can often feel disconnected or weakened as our population becomes more transplanted and spends more time in the digital space. Community can come in a number of forms - family, loved ones, organized religious or nonreligious groups, colleagues and peers - and it is important to nurture those real life connections as a pillar in the foundation of lifestyle design.


Creativity and expression is an essential component for living a beautiful life - even for those who think they don't have a creative bone in their body or that they are in a non-creative field. We believe that creativity can be imparted in every aspect of the work that we do, regardless of professional field or career path, and, in an age when productivity and output seems to be of greater value, we must protect and champion our creative endeavors.