Adaptive Herbs for Women's Health

Hosted by Allison Walton of Boketto Wellness

In this immersive workshop and discussion, Allison will share her personal experience with hormonal imbalances and menstrual woes, explaining how adaptogenic herbs have helped her in finding healing and relief. Attendees will gain insight and knowledge into the world of adaptogens, their ability to support the endocrine, reproductive and nervous systems, and how they can be incorporated into daily lifestyle rituals. Adaptogenic-infused nourishment will be available for all attendees to sample, along with accompanying recipes and guides to take home for experimentation. To encourage individuals to begin building their own home apothecary, we've partnered with Boketto Wellness, Richmond's local wellness boutique and modern apothecary, to offer workshop attendees exclusive offerings to take home with them.

Website: https://www.bokettowellness.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bokettowellness