Can channeling Missy Elliot help you make friends? We think so.

Photography by  Sarah Der.

Photography by Sarah Der.

What is it about being an adult that makes building friendships so challenging? It’s something we ask ourselves a lot here at Rebelle and is a big reason behind what we do. We aim to build connection and community – but we recognize that accomplishing that is often easier said than done.

That’s why we brought in a professional for our latest workshop, Building Relationships Like a Boss. Carrie Sue Casey, owner and principal of Ooodaloop Co., led us in a creative brainstorm to help us get to the bottom of what it takes to create true connections. 

We broke down barriers, getting raw and real right off the bat as we confided to partners our very favorite and our very worst friendship memories. We built from there, discussing things we love to do and characteristics that stand out about ourselves. What may have felt awkward at first felt natural within minutes.

Those simple prompts uncovered commonalities amongst us all. We captured take-aways from those conversations on Post-it notes and spoke candidly as Carrie grouped those ideas into bigger themes. The result was a mind map illustrating the values and vulnerabilities of those of us in the room.

That simple visual allowed us to go deeper with our dialogue as we uncovered why we may pass up opportunities for connection (how many of us have let a messy house hold us back from having a friend over?) and what we can do to overcome that insecurity (invite them over anyway!). With that in mind, Carrie Sue asked us to write down all of the ideas we had to answer our burning question: how might one build connection and community?

The blizzard of green Post-its that resulted was amazing. It was as if the floodgates of inspiration were wide open. Again, Carrie Sue worked her magic, grouping our thoughts into themes and helping us to see the commonalities amongst each other, both in desire for connection and approach to building relationships.

Carrie flipped the script once more, asking us to consider the same question from the perspective of a woman who inspires us. With Oprah, Missy Elliot, and our moms on our mind, we challenged our initial answers, finding both alignment and motivation from our muses.

By the end of the night, new friendships had taken seed, old friendships felt renewed, and all of us felt inspired and empowered to find and build genuine connections with others. With Carrie Sue’s guidance, we were able to see that the answers were within us all along.

Thank you to all who attended and to our wonderful hosts Novel Coworking for having us!