Do you suffer from one of these common money mindset blocks?

Is money a trigger for you? You aren't alone. Most people have complex relationship and beliefs around money and it can throw us off sometimes.

Today we have an excerpt from a soon to be published book by one of our very own Rebelle Community members, Seo Kelleher. It’s all about money mindset and a couple of tips to transform it into that of abundance and gratitude.

Here are 5 of the most common money mindset blocks:

  1. Lack Mindset: the belief that there’s not enough to go around or that someone else’s gain is your loss

  2. Fear of Money: the belief that money is evil or that wanting money is bad

  3. Struggle Mindset: the belief that making money is only hard work and struggle

  4. Conflicted Self Worth: the belief that you must constantly prove yourself and earn more money

  5. Punishment Mindset: the practice of focusing only on lack as a motivation to earn more

When you get stuck in ANY of these mindsets, not only does your health and spiritual wellbeing suffer, your financial life actually suffers too—causing you to constantly stress about money, fixate on the fear of losing money, make fear-based decisions about your finances, resent others who seem financially secure, and actually spend MORE money on things you don’t even need. (Counter-intuitive, I know—but that’s how messy these money mindsets can be!) The key is to transform whatever money mindset you’re working from into one of prosperity, abundance, and gratitude.

Here are a few ways to start to transform your money mindset:

  1. Start a gratitude practice—whether you’re writing what your thankful for down in a journal or simply starting or ending your day by voicing your gratitude aloud (and yeah, I’m talking EVERY DAY), it’s impossible to stay in an unhealthy money mindset when you’re drawing your awareness to everything you’re grateful for.

  2. Set aside time each day for affirmations or meditation. (Pro tip: there are some great money mindset affirmations for you to try in the book.) Use this time to remind yourself of everything you are doing right, recognize thought patterns that are rooted in fear rather than facts, and begin to shift your energy away from dysfunction.

  3. Pay it forward, by giving back to people who don’t have as much as you do. They key is, to give generously within your means, and with intention—maybe this is money, resources, services, advice, or time. Giving to others will actually help remind you of all the abundance you do enjoy.

The point is, all of us, at some point, will struggle with unhealthy money mindsets. But it’s not until you face those mindset’s head on: shift your energy from one of fear or poverty to one of prosperity, that you’ll start to transform your relationship with money. Once you recognize that the universe is abundant and there is always enough, that's when you’ll start manifesting the wealth and success you desire (and, FYI, totally deserve, too!)

You can support the author, Seo Kelleher, by contributing to her iFundwomen Campaign. You'll help her manifest Don't Be a B*tch, Be an Alpha into reality with more tips, illustrations, and guidance like this excerpt on healing money mindset. Learn more here.