3 Rebelle Ambassadors share their best self-care practices

Our Rebelle Community Ambassadors play a critical role in the health of our community. These women are literally on the front lines of welcoming new members at our events and on the interwebs AND helping to shape the programming, content, and events that we produce. They pour their hearts and minds in to making Rebelle what it is today.

We wanted to know, how do they pour back in to themselves so that their cups stay full.


Brinkley Taliaferro

Brinkley is a local Richmond real estate agent, dog Mom to Winnie, who has no shame in watering her garden in her pajamas.

Her favorite self-care activity is taking a nightly tub soak. Yes, nightly! It's a few quiet minutes every night where she can truly relax and decompress from the day.

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Nicki Metcalf

Nicki is a 4'11'' firecracker, local photographer, artist, wifey, mamma to Tuxie & doodle (Hokie), and is madly in love with dogs and green tea fraps.

Her favorite way to take care is by reading. She loves leadership and entrepreneur books. Knowledge is power.

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Anjali Roka Waterbury

Anjali is a newlywed Digital Marketing Strategist who loves to explore her creative side with writing, styling and cooking.

Her favorite self-care activity is meditation since it helps her to gain clarity and focus.

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