Our favorite financial guru says this about budgeting


We were honored to have Priya Malani of Stash Wealth drop her financial knowledge on the stage of Rebelle Con way back in 2018. These nuggets were too good not to share, so here is our recap.

What Priya has to say about budgeting: 

“We HATE budgeting at STASH. And truly, it doesn’t work because there is no such thing as a typical month…budgets set you up for failure.  

We recommend the Reverse Budget – the concept is SAVE FIRST, so you can blow the rest guilt free.”


How to do a reverse budget: 

“Figure out what you are saving first. Get it out of your checking account on the day your paycheck hits and the rest is yours to live your life.”


What Priya has to say about Lifestyle Creep: 

“What I like about (the reverse budget) is that it allows you to really understand what kind of lifestyle you can afford. Because a lot of people fall victim to what we call lifestyle creep. Lifestyle creep is where, your lifestyle keeps increasing in lock step with your income.” 

This is  a no no!


Quick tips from Priya:

  • Use an online bank for your savings account to get that money out of sight

  • Nickname our savings account based on what you are saving for. You are much less likely to touch it if its labeled something like “Portugal trip”

  • Never invest money that you are going to use in the next 2 years (keep it as an emergency fund)