I hosted my first event as a Rebelle Con chapter founder.

Photography by  Megan Hoffer Photography

The day was here. Rebelle Community was launching in Lancaster and our very first event, a Mom Lab workshop hosted by author Katherine Wintsch, was about to kick off right in my own house. All the details were in place: the food table looked great; the beverages were on ice; Katherine’s books—Slay Like a Mother—were on display, ready to be handed out to each guest.  

As leader of this fledgling chapter, I expected to be nervous or anxious as the event approached. I thought I wouldn’t sleep the night before. Instead I felt an overwhelming peace the entire week leading up to it. 

The feeling continued as I waited for guests to arrive.  I felt calm and ready to share this amazing woman and her message with the ten Rebelles who RSVP’d an immediate YES a few weeks prior and who had each texted to tell me how excited they were to carve out the time for themselves with this event.  

The night was filled with warmth. Connections were easily formed as guests chattered and welcomed one another. Conversations moved from the kitchen to living room as we prepared for Katherine’s talk. What followed was an evening of vulnerability, confessions, tears, laughter… and bravery.  

There we were. Some of us had rushed here straight from work, while others were bouncing their new babies on their shoulders nervously hoping they wouldn’t cry. We passed the tissues and we held the babies. What flowed out of Katherine’s workshop can only be described as magic – the room was lit up by the hearts of each guest as we opened up to one another, feeling both value and validation.

And that’s what Rebelle is. It’s a warm hug that holds you close and says “you’re not alone, sweet friend, and I will hold you until you see that too.”  It says, “you are stronger than you think—and you, too, can design the life you want.”  It’s a safe wave of women sitting shoulder to shoulder in our vulnerability and our bravery. I walked away from the evening with so many thoughts to unpack. The women felt loved. They felt heard. 

From my first March email to Katherine after devouring her book, to our quick friendship, to each resounding RSVP of YES to the workshop, to watching each woman connect with another, to the last guest heading out into the night, to watching Katherine catch her Uber back to her hotel…the entire experience was Rebelle for me. It wasn’t just an intimate evening in my home. It was the first whisper of what’s to come for our community here in Lancaster.

Our Lancaster Chapter Membership is officially open. Find more information about our upcoming events and how you can join us here.

Copy of Carmen Hoffert

About the Carmen, our Lancaster Chapter Founder.

I'm thrilled to bring this amazing Community to Lancaster & have already had the honor to hear the stories of so many incredible women. I can't wait to share these stories with YOU. Rebelle means a lot to me, not only because I get to do this with an old, dear friend (I'm looking at you, Shans!) but because I get to do this with new friends too. That is Rebelle. Shoulder to shoulder - women having real conversations & connections.