Charging What You're Worth

Hosted by Stacy Buchanan of Wythe Ave Consulting

Whether it’s a side #hustle or a 60 hour/week gig you’re running, there seems to be a pervasive belief that more effort equals greater reward. But at what point are the returns diminishing, leaving you feeling overworked, underpaid, filled with doubt and considering a retreat back to the days of corporate life. There is another way!

In this workshop, we will explore strategies and tactics to capture more value for your services without adding to your workload. We will identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from earning more, clarify your marketing strategy to maximize your earning potential, evaluate alternative pricing approaches and calculate ideal pricing for your prime offering and discuss tactical ways to capture additional value for your services.

This workshop is particularly relevant for small (fewer than 5 employees) service-based or consulting businesses.

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