What is our tagline?

Lifestyle Design for Entrepreneurial Women

Who is the entrepreneurial woman?

Small business owners, freelance professionals, leaders within organizations, and aspiring millennials who desire to live life on their own terms. These women are not defined by their 9 to 5’s (even if they have them). They are catalysts for change in their communities, connectors, influencers, and innovators looking to expand their network of likeminded women and men in order to make an impact as well as a profit from their efforts.

What do you mean by lifestyle design?

Gone are the days of working a job from 9 to 5 for the duration of a 40-year career at a single company. As technology allows more and more flexibility and creative thinkers are finding new ways to be more productive in less time, we have the power to create our own schedules, revenue models, communities and impact.

What is the takeaway?

We will explore four core components that are integral to creating an individualized lifestyle design: Wellness, Money, Community, and Creativity. Attendees will leave inspired and with an action plan through the Lifestyle Design Playbook that they will complete during the course of events and workshops at Rebelle Con.

What is the Lifestyle Design Playbook?

A workbook that will help to facilitate action in each of our four core components that will be completed during the main day of the conference.

Are men allowed to attend?

Yes! Our programming will be geared towards concepts and solutions that are attractive to women, but we are an inclusive group of passionate game changers.