Class Description:

Risk is an inherent part of entrepreneurship, so we must create our own security in order to allow our businesses to flourish. In this workshop, we'll walk through the four pillars of "growing your own money tree”: profitable pricing, money mindset, networking, and custom strategies for making and managing your money. Entrepreneuer Sonya Highfield will help you overcome fears and financial insecurities, and offer tips, tools, and insights for getting cozy with your cash and growing a fruitful business.


Sonya Highfield is a Boston-based entrepreneur dedicated to helping creative female entrepreneurs run profitable businesses and lead lives they're proud of. She provides intuitive one-on-one business and mindset coaching as well as virtual courses, communities, and in-person workshops. When she’s not working, Sonya loves to travel, expand her spiritual practice, watch her husband cook, and search for the perfect margarita. | @realworldcreatives