Intro to Adaptogens for Women's Health and Hormone Balance

Hosted by Allison Walson of & Be Well

Allison is a Women's Health Specialist, Yoga Instructor and Founder of & be well, a platform inspiring a conscious approach towards living well. She received her certification in Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health from IIN, and after struggling with menstrual-related issues, she refined the focus of her work towards helping other women in finding balance and relief. In this highly endocrine-disruptive society, she believes that it's especially important for women to deepen their understanding of menstrual and reproductive health while empowering them to find healing from within. 

Stress, lifestyle factors and many other things beyond our control can wreak havoc on our hormones, negatively impacting our daily lives and the ability to perform and feel our best. In this immersive hands-on workshop and discussion, Allison will share her personal experience with navigating menstrual-related disorders, explaining how a holistic approach and the incorporation of adaptogenic herbs have helped her to find balance and relief. Attendees will gain insight and knowledge into the world of adaptogens, their ability to support the endocrine, reproductive and nervous systems, and how they can be incorporated into daily lifestyle rituals. Adaptogenic-infused nourishment will be available for all attendees to sample (including our two favorite vices: coffee and chocolate), along with accompanying recipes and guides to take home for personal experimentation. To encourage individuals to begin building their own home apothecary, we've collaborated with Boketto Wellness, Richmond's local wellness boutique and modern apothecary, to offer workshop attendees exclusive offerings.