Photographer:  Alexis courtney

Photographer: Alexis courtney

Nurturing Your Skin with Nature

Hosted by Bethany Frazier of Maven Made

Most of us know the skin is our largest organ, but the intricacies of this body system are vital to our overall well-being. Without thinking twice, many of us dump chemical and toxins into our bloodstream (and later these make way to vital organs or body systems) just by the products we put onto our skin. Switching to simple, plant-based wellness products isn’t as complicated as it sometimes seems + this workshop might give you the jumpstart + possibly reunite yourself with self-care that might be lacking.

We’ll uncover the powerful + aromatic power of oils, powders + easy nourishing self-care rituals you can easily put into practice, no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or skin type you may have. Expect to enhance your connection + senses to the plant realm, especially through the power of smell.

The final portion of this workshop will be hands-on, the best part! You’ll have the opportunity to create your own custom take home Facial Serum from Bethany’s collection of organic, vegan + ethically-sourced ingredients.

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