OUR partnership PROMISE

Our goal is to connect businesses that share our values with our community of influential Rebelles. This is not about putting your logo in our program. It’s about building a lasting relationship with our community of inspiring, motivated, fierce women.




With multiple events every month, a partnership with the Rebelle Community means connecting with our Richmond based members and attendees in multiple ways.

Align your brand with our efforts to highlight, inspire and educate women in our community while developing relationships with our members locally.



Our boutique conference experience is unlike any other event in the region. The 3-day events combine inspiration and hands-on learning while providing opportunity to connect with inspirational women leaders.

Send your best and brightest to be inspired by and connected to leaders from across the country.


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What your partnership says about your company

  • You are connected with community leaders, influencers, and all around inspiring women in the Rebelle Community (a.k.a. you know the people making things happen)

  • You are invested in the success and fulfillment of women in your community

  • You value creativity, connection, and innovation

What your contribution goes to

  • Our partners make it possible to produce events that highlight, educate, and inspire women leaders.

  • This includes food, drinks, learning materials and professional services that set our events apart from traditional networking groups or speaker series.

What we provide to our partners

  • Our goal is to create meaningful connection between you, our partner, and the Rebelle Community members. Your story is important to us and we work to ensure your business is featured and that you have a tangible result from working with us based on your goals.