Racheal Cook

Racheal Cook

Online Entrepreneur

I teach savvy, soulful, smart women to uncomplicate business so you can work less and live more.

After earning my MBA in Entrepreneurship, winning the National Small Business Institute Competition, and several years consulting small businesses and tech start-ups, I hit burnout. 10 panic attacks in 10 weeks. Adrenal fatigue from too many years of working 75 hour weeks, eating on the go, and taking zero care of myself.

Since that breakdownthrough, I’ve dramatically re-designed every aspect of my business based on my own definition of success {where creating a meaningful life is just as important as creating a meaningful living}.

The best part? Because I’ve leaned into my Business Sweet Spot, I’ve been able to work about 25 hours a week growing my business so that I can enjoy most of my days with my loved ones.

The Business & Life You Want Is Waiting For You!

When you match where you are on your business journey with your Business Sweet Spot, you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on, right now, to build a profitable, sustainable business.

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