Sustainable Nutrition for the Busy Babe

Hosted by Shelly Rose of Pure Roots Nutrition

Let’s talk self-care! Meal planning, that is. Without it, we lose the wind in our sails and we eventually hit brick walls. Planning ahead and listening to your body is non-negotiable. Enjoying steady energy, mental focus, stable mood, quality sleep, healthy digestion, and simply feeling good day-to-day depends on it.

For the first part of the workshop, we'll talk about how to practically create nourishing habits that truly fuel the lifestyle you desire. Hint: it’s not about perfection, calorie counting, or a rigid diet! Shelly will share her best nutrition, culinary, and meal planning tips you'll want in your back pocket for busy weeks, including how to curb sugar cravings and how to optimize your time in the kitchen. For the second part, she'll demo a massaged rainbow chard and apple salad, a go-to recipe perfect for the cooler months ahead. You'll also indulge in fresh berries, a homemade, raw dark chocolate bark sprinkled with pink salt and crunchy cocoa nibs, all while sipping local blended, autumn-spiced teas (vegetarian; dairy, gluten, refined sugar free).